The time to innovate, strategize, and reinvent for
post COVID-19 planning is now.
Let Idexcel help.

Business leaders are now entering a time for reopening – which also offers an opportunity to develop new strategies, refocus business goals, and innovate transformative solutions. We are committed to helping our partners and customers navigate through this transitional period to become more agile, establish new systems, and achieve their digital transformation goals.

Cloud Strategy & Migration Advisory:
Reinvent your Vision

The critical need for companies to realign operational strategies during this time is unprecedented and we’re seeing a shift in cloud needs across industries. With companies changing how and where their teams are working, business continuity and a strong plan for leveraging the advantages of a cloud solution is vitally important. These are key components of a forward-thinking solution to rapidly enable a remote workforce, continue operations, and adapt to the changing business environment.

Remote/Virtual Desktops: Empower Your Remote Teams

Even with communities reopening and businesses picking back up operations, enabling a mobile workforce is going to be the new norm for many organizations. Business owners face a critical need to adapt to the changing market environment to minimize disruptions in operations. AWS offers a solution with Amazon WorkSpaces, a fully managed, secure Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution that runs in the Amazon Cloud. As a preferred AWS partner, Idexcel can help implement AWS Workspaces solutions in your organization – enabling business continuity by providing users and partners with a highly secure, virtual Microsoft Windows or Linux desktop. This setup grants your team access to the documents, applications, and resources they need, anywhere, anytime, from any supported device.

Process Automation:
Explore What’s Possible

With entire countries under lockdown due to coronavirus, Artificial Intelligence can help businesses adapt to the new customer service and communication landscape. With our Machine Learning approach, we’re able to build smart technology using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that continuously learns for ongoing performance improvement. RPA allows you to automate routine tasks with the help of smart software bots, freeing up team members to do other business-critical tasks. For example, Chatbots are being built that are disrupting processes in organizations across all industries. Many websites are using chatbots for answering general FAQs asked by the customers, eliminating the need for personnel to respond, and enabling them to focus on other tasks. Chatbots can positively impact the customer’s experience and are an ideal tool for short-staffed employers, saving thousands of hours of productivity and costs.

How we can Help:

Idexcel will perform a complimentary virtual consultation to assess how our team can help your organization. A detailed roadmap of recommendations and support suggestions will be provided.


Cost Optimization and Performance Improvements

Cost Optimization and Performance Improvements

Improve Costs and Efficiency

As systems experience additional capacity and load issues due to more employee and customer activity, the system may need optimization solutions. Automatic Scaling, Performance Tuning, Cost Optimization and Code Modifications are examples of what our professional services team can implement to ensure that your business continues to operate effectively and seamlessly as possible. Whether you are partway through your digital transformation journey or are just getting started, our team can design and implement a custom strategy for all your needs.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Keep Your Team, Data, and Assets Safe

With the increase in cloud-based cyber-attacks during the pandemic, it’s critical for organizations to implement increased security measures. Given more employees are working remote, systems are being targeted and data at risk of being compromised by malicious entities outside the boundaries of the corporate network. We work closely with customers to protect their businesses by developing solutions that ensure optimized security protections are in place. We provide end-toend solutions — from expert advisory services to fully managed security operations and specialized services to meet your unique organization needs.

Backup/Disaster Recovery

Backup/Disaster Recovery

Protect Your Business Systems

With thousands of business organizations still shut down or operating with remote or limited IT resources, enterprises are challenged with resuming business operations safely and securely. With more employees working remote, the risks are increased that systems could be compromised due to things like data loss, phishing scams, data migration errors, system failures, malware, and increased attacks from hackers. For companies that don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place, that data loss or integrity threat could make or break their business.

staff augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Accelerate Business Continuity

In the current circumstances, companies around the world are adjusting to a new reality and shift in workforce trends, i.e., many have their staff working from home to keep them safe. However, even with proper planning and due diligence, it can still be a big challenge to ensure business continuity and maintain operational efficiency at the same levels as before. If your company is having a hard time coping with COVID-19 due to unmet product development goals or abandoned work, staff augmentation could be the right solution in helping you bridge the gap, keep operations running smoothly, and complete projects on time.