Implement secure and cost-effective virtual Windows desktops with Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon WorkSpaces

During COVID-19, many organizations had to declare work-from-home overnight to protect employees and prevent the spread of the virus. Business owners and organizations who are fortunate enough to enable a remote workforce and continue operations now face the need to adapt to the changing business environment in order to minimize disruption. Remote working can always be a challenge for team members, system infrastructure, and the IT security team. Read more on how AWS Workspaces can be applied for business continuity

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Business continuity is vitally important as you rapidly enable a remote workforce, continue operations, and adapt to the changing business environment. AWS offers a solution with Amazon WorkSpaces.

Amazon WorkSpaces is a fully managed, secure Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution that runs in the Amazon Cloud. Enable business continuity by providing your users and partners with a high-secure, virtual Microsoft Windows or Linux desktop, that grants them access to the documents, applications, and resources they need, anywhere, anytime, from any supported device. With no upfront cost, you pay either monthly or hourly just for the Amazon WorkSpaces you launch, which helps you save money when compared to traditional desktops and on-premises Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions.

Amazon WorkSpaces is available in multiple AWS regions worldwide, so you can deploy in a single region, or globally, and scale at your own pace.

Idexcel and Amazon WorkSpaces

  • Stop managing endpoints and desktops yourself
  • Run your desktop on multiple devices with an integrated Active Directory and complete control
  • Customize your services without sacrificing security
  • Integrate your legacy data with ease

Key Benefits of Amazon WorkSpaces

  • Quick, Seamless Solution
    Implement simple deployment of multiple desktops in minutes
  • Reliability
    Maintain efficient, effective, and consistent performance at any scale
  • Flexible Scalability
    Seamlessly scale up and down on demand to accommodate changes in demand needs.
  • Cost-Effective Solution:
    Pay only for what you use
  • Integrated Infrastructure Management
    Maintain security, applications, and data storage across your end-user environment
  • Reduced Expenses
    Decrease costs with no upfront investments or long-term commitments

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